INCHING ALONG - Banana Slug / Snail To Do List Notepad by boygirlparty

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“Inching Along” Banana Slug To Do List Notepad by boygirlparty — a motivational and encouraging notepad to help you through your day!

This 50-page, recycled paper to do list notepad features my original illustration of gastropods getting it done, slowly but surely! Snails, banana slugs, and worms will help you get your important tasks out of the way! Keep going!

This 50 page notepad features my original hand-painted illustrations and lettering! There’s artwork on every page, and it's sure to stand out on your desk and make you smile when you sit down to work.

Original design and illustration by Susie Ghahremani /

Printed on recycled paper as part of my commitment to printing eco-friendly when possible.

Includes ~50 sheets of full color artwork; Measures 4x6" 

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