Boygirlparty Self Care Gift Set -- Puzzle book, mini journal, and more

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Send some self-care directly to a friend -- or to yourself!

Each of these Boygirlparty Self Care Gift sets contains:

  • A funny to-do list notepad -- Get things done while working or educating from home!
  • A mini journal -- Take notes, doodle or write how you're feeling!
  •  A puzzle book! (multiple varieties available, including Sudoku, hangman, left brain/right brain, etc.) -- challenge and entertain yourself.
  • Two notecards with envelopes -- Send some snail mail or thank an essential worker!
  • An "alone-time" themed pin -- Reading books, enjoying music... there are many things we can still do while sheltering in place!

Limited availability -- options will vary. No two sets will be exactly the same! Please see the images attached for more details.

Puzzle books are made by the Puzzle Society and are challenging, recommended for adults. Please be advised that the enclosed pin has small parts (butterfly clasp on the back) and is not made for children!

Illustrations © by Susie Ghahremani /

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