Benefit for Yosemite Conservancy -- Scratch and Dent Fundraiser Product and Pin Sale

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Last time I had a fundraiser, we raised $1000 for the Humane Society! This time, I'm aiming to benefit Yosemite Conservancy -- an organization that supports projects and programs at Yosemite, which is being restored from the deadly Ferguson Fire in California earlier this year.

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Grab bag! Like us, these sets pins, notepads, journals, and other gifts are imperfect. But 100% of the proceeds of this fundraiser benefit Yosemite Conservancy! Here are the options:

  • Three pins for $15! Whoa. What a deal! Buy up to 5 packs with no pin duplicates! 
  • A THICK grab bag of Boygirlparty stuff for $25!  Stationery, pins, journals, magnets for $25! (Valued at $50+!) 
  • Products in these sets have slight defects, scratches, dents, chips, bubbles!
  • ALL proceeds go to Yosemite Conservancy!
  • Sets include some sold out or limited edition designs!
  • Not for kids, not for resale! Be cool! 

Artwork © Susie Ghahremani /

I have a goal of fundraising $1000 for Yosemite Conservancy. Help me get there!

Note: Packs have already been assembled, so no special requests please!

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