Stack the Cats by Susie Ghahremani - an adorable cat counting picture book

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STACK THE CATS is my debut picture book as author-illustrator! Learn to count to ten and learn how to organize your cats.

Choose from the following options:

  • Hardcover Book, 8x8", with signature and drawing
  • Hardcover Book, 8x8", without signature
  • Board Book, 6x6", without signature
  • BUNDLE with a Stack the Cats Onesie in the size of your choice!

Created for readers of all ages (but especially for those very young readers who are learning to count) my book is about organizing cats in various formations.

But when the cats decide to go their own way—as cats often will—it’s time to count down until there’s only one cat left!

Counting forward and backward, understanding when there are more or fewer of something, and grouping and recognizing the number of items in a group are key early-math skills for toddlers, making Stack the Cats as developmentally sound as it is ridiculously adorable.

32 pages, Hardcover, 8x8", formally published by Abrams Appleseed.

Board book edition is 6x6" with rounded corners.

"Crisp, bold illustrations to introduce simple math concepts that go beyond the usual counting fare for the very young... A simple yet clever lesson that there’s more than one way to stack some cats. Ideal for one-on-one and small group sharing." – School Library Journal

"As fun as it is clever, Ghahremani’s cat-infested concept book is a treat." – starred review, Booklist

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