Hello Ink Notepad — Illustrated notepad for Handwriting and Calligraphy practice

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A notepad for people who love penmanship!

I’m absolutely obsessed with ink, fountain pens, lettering and calligraphy, so I had the idea to create this cute little notepad for people who love hand writing notes and practicing their penmanship! Original illustrations of fountain pens, nibs, and ink adorn each page. It reads “hello!” across the top as a cheerful way to begin your messages.


This 50 page notepad features my original hand-painted illustrations and lettering! There’s artwork on every page.

The calligraphy guidelines are a little irregular, designed to bring out the unique, personal character in anyone’s handwriting.

You also do NOT have to use the guidelines if you do not want to!

Original design and illustration by Susie Ghahremani / boygirlparty.com

Printed on recycled paper as part of my commitment to printing eco-friendly when possible.

Includes ~50 sheets of full color artwork; Measures 4x6" 

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